I'm saving up for a new guitar but I don't know what to buy.
I like Dean, Ibanez, and Jackson guitars (pretty much anything with a slim neck).
So far, I like these:

My favorite is the Ibanez. I don't use tremelos that much so I really don't care if it has one or not. I play with a lot distortion and sometimes clean. help me find a guitar.
The Jackson is better by far, everything about it is about 10 steps up from the Ibanez.
Ok, can i ask a few questions, what style of music? What guitars do you currently own? and What would your price range happen to be? Because the two guitars you listed have very different price ranges
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I would go for the Jackson, even though i am an Ibanez man myself the jackson appears to have better body wood and i enjoy the dinkys. But try before and i would personally go used i got alot more guitar for the money by going used.
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whats your price range, all the guitars you showed are all of the spectrum