I have an old chieftan and it needs new tubes. Before they went out of business I used have the store tech set up the new tubes, they had to re-biased when they were installed only by a qualified Matchless tech or you voided the warrany. Sadly there are no techs available in Anchorage anymore. And the warranty is no good anymore. This is the best amp i have ever used. Need some help here. I have not used the amp in 2 years,
That amp is cathode bias, meaning it doesn't have to be biased, meaning all you do is take the old tubes out and put new ones in. That store was ripping you off. Nothing in the manual says you have to have a qualified tech replace tubes.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I,m not sure because one time I had put a set of groove tubes in , and they burnt up in one night. But you I think I will try your suggestion as the amp is just taking up space in my living room. Thanks.