For anyone in the Southern California area, I am selling two pieces of my guitar possesions.

First is my Plug in Baby, the Fuzz Factory Vextor Series. It's in pristine condition, bought it brand new 7 months ago, and rarely ever used it. Still in Box, with Instructions and original wrapping just as it came when I bought it. Lived in a smokefree home it's whole life--about a 9.5/10 on condition scale. This same exact pedal is used by Bands like MUSE, so if you want that tone, here is your pedal! Also works well to imitate a Fuzz Face. Really unique, fun pedal. I've changed style alot though, so I don't need it. I suppose $120 is fair for it.

Next is my JCM 2000 DSL 40 Watt Combo Amp. It has 3 channels: Clean, DS 1, and DS 2. It's basically new, only a few years old. Stock tubes still on it and working fine to my liking. On the back tolex, it's a bit scratched, but NOT torn and it's very minor. Excellent condition, comes with footswitch, and I might consider throwing in the $50 stand I bought with it. I'm asking a clean $550 for it. This baby gets LOUD and has suited my styles from MUSE, to Darkest Hour and stuff like that. Comes with two footswitches. About 8.5 on the condition scale.

Both have never left my smoke free home and are very clean if I may say so myself.

The Amp

The Pedal
-Krank Krankenstein JR 50W
-Orange PPC112 w/ Celestion Vintage 30
-Gibson Les Paul Studio (white)
-Gibson Flying V
-MXR Carbon Copy
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