So You know Im Not Asking For All Of This Im Just Asking For As Much As I Can Get Because I Know I Cant Get All Of It For My Money.

My Budgets Around £200 - £300
Preferbly I Want A Head

I Mostly Play Bluesy Classic Rock (GnRs, AC/DC, Kiss Aerosmith Ect.) And Modern Metal (August Burns Red, Lamb Of God, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Vallentine Ect.) But I Do Play Pretty Much Everything Else Too Well A Little But Im Mostly Botherd About Getting A Good Tone For Them A Nice Clean Would Be Good Too.

But Yehh Any Recomendations Are Apreciated.

Peace xx
it's really annoying when you capitalize every single word.

but anyways, do you already have a cab?
probably a b-52 AT series is your best bet for that price.
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haha im sorry i'll try not too

yehh i have a cab im gona upgrade at some point which brings me too the point of are marshall MG cabs any good?
You do not need a halfstack man, you could get a much better tube combo for that money than any head
If you insist, for that money get a Peavey Valveking head and an OD pedal to boost the distortion
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yehh i know its just a head is alot more usfull for me. mainly cause im playing all over the place and because i already have a cab so its most likly cheaper.
You would be better off saving another £2-300 though and getting a much better head
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yehh I would but its rare i get any money the only reason im getting this is because im sell some stuff but iv been listening too a few VK vids on youtube and tbh you can get quite a heavy sound but i think somthing like that with a nice hi gain distortion pedal would sound nice but still anymore ideas?
Also which model VK where you on about because i presumed you ment the Valveking 100