What do people of cort guitars. I played one the other day. It was shaped like a les paul. I'm not sure what model but it cost around 500 canadian. anyone want to give me a little info about them
check the review page, see if you can find one of the model guitar you tried.

cort guitars are very good for the price btw. they also build contract guitars for ibanez and fender i do believe.
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idk what the keys are for but the reason i think its for the floyd rose is because its called floyd rose double locking

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I played a Cort bass a few times, and I can say I liked it. It had active emgs, satin finish, smooth neck, and badass-looking inlays. I don't know if their guitars are good too.
Cort basically have 2 types of guitars. Their Korean built ones which are high quality ot there low built ones (dont know where there made). There low built ones are the cheaper beginner guitar and you wouldn't get one unless you were starting guitar.

I got a Cort G290, $1500 all end and its so good to play on, better then any i have tried.


Thats the EVL series and some have a shape like a Les paul.


The Zenox series which have some like the LP shape.
Any of them look like it?
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yeah the cheap built ones are in indonesia. i have one of those that i bought there for $200, came with 3 emg (passive) crappy floyd, 24 frets, ebony board, bolt on neck. i still like it though. they do make nice guitars. the cort x custom (cant remember what x it is) is really nice, 24 frets neck through and 2 really good pups, as well as a better floyd

EDIT: http://www.cort.co.kr/english/products/common/view.asp?product_id=128
thats the one
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