Depends on which kind of Squier Strat... did it come in a pack or alone?

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What amp are you using, though?

That, too.
Squier isn't all bad you realize? they are decent guitars, and very moddable. I remember playing this one squier tele in a local store once, and it was amazing, so natural.
But one inherent problem with teh Squiers is that their wood quality is lower than other fenders, so you're not going to hear masses of improvement or dynamic range by putting in new pickups into it
+ the amp question
I would say to get the pickups if your amp is good as then you can put them into a new guitar if/when you get one. But if you amp is not good enough then just put the $$$ into the amp fund
Eh. The pups cost more then the Geetar?

P. S: Yes. Yes, you are.
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It's a 15 Watt Valve Amp by VOX

On an amp that small you probably won't hear that big of a tonal difference. I went from ****ty stock Jackson pickups to a guitar with EMGs and I could hear a huge difference in my tone with my Cube 30X but thats because of the giant leap in pickups.. Might not be the same for you.
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Look in my profile Dude...I got some EMG H4's in a LP 100.
Have fun with your Squier strat. You dont have to leave the
pickups in if you get a better strat down the road..just switch
the pickups in the two.

I played a MIM Strat when I got my Squier and There was not
enough difference in tone to justify the extra $400 dollars.

I once saw an Epiphone Les Paul Studio hot-rodded up
blow a Gibson Les Paul custom away in a blues club..

Im not saying that hot rodded lower end guitars always beat
better made instruments...but my opinion is that it doesnt
matter how expensive a guitar is...its just wood. It is more
pleasing to the eye with all the binding and bells and whistles..
but if its made well enough to do its job...Upgrades are the best
way to go. I used to look at brand names when i was new to
buying guitars...now I look at the quality and the playability of
the instrument. I look at 90% of guitars knowing that im gonna
just change the pickups anyway....

I think the only thing better than a luxury guitar..is seeing a person
play an el cheapo and wonder...
. o O ( how da **** did he get those sounds out of that!!!)

btw..you wont notice very much of a difference in the sounds from your
amp. You should upgrade that first...gate the hum from that strat..
and you will be in business! The feedback can be horrible from the
squiers sometimes...but with classic rock..it can be your friend!!!
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