Well Ive been trying to get this amp for a while, and I finally got the money to get it. I only paid $400 for it brand new! It was a great deal. It definitely sounds a lot better than my XXX did for everything. I still have the XXX because carrying around a cab all the time is a bit unreasonable. But yeah, Im running the amp through 2 Behringer Cabs at the moment, they aren't too bad, they have Jensen speakers in them, and the cabs are older, before Behringer started sucking. I was told that the head would sound like **** with the cabs, but Ive gotten some pretty good metal tones out of it. And the cleans are pretty good too. I use the bright switch on the amp, and the neck pickup. You have to keep it quiet though or it breaks up easily. This ****er is LOUD!!! I cant turn it past 1.5 without my house shaking. Also, you are going to need a noise gate for this thing, it is very noisy without one.

Anyway, here are some pics and a whole bunch of sound clips. I tried to do a variety of different tones, so I have a boosted mids hard rock solo (Crazy Train), a thrash metal rhythm, some classic rock Zeppelin, and the metal tone is what the amp is made for- downtuned heavy metal. They are all on the front page of my profile, so you can check them out, comment them, do whatever. I recorded them all using my Dean FBD ML with a Dimebucker in the bridge, and a stock pickup in the neck, and for the downtuned metal, I used my Schecter Gryphon.

Heres the pics!

Head, the 2 cabs, and my Peavey is up there too.

Close up of the Head. I love the chrome!

Included pedal. I wish it had a button to go from clean to crunch, but other than that its nice.

If you have any other questions about it, let me know, and Ill gladly do my best to answer them!
Damn, where'd you buy it from?
Thats all amp, no OD or boost or anything?
I'm surprised by the cleans too, they're a lot more lively then I would imagine.
Wow I can't believe you got that for so cheap. Looks like an awesome head, the thrash clip is the best imo.
I got it from a little private store in my town, the owner is really nice if your not a dick in the store, and he likes that Im one of the few that can apparently play when I go in there... so he told me he would help me out and give me a good deal on it. And yeah, that is all amp, I have a TS-9 but I didnt use it at all. I barely need to go to 5 on the gain, and it sounds full by itself.
Did you try it with the TS-9 yet, not for extra gain but to tighten the sound up?
Yeah, It does tighten it up a bit, and give it a little more treble, and it sounds pretty kickass. Only problem is I hate having to push 2 button to go from distorted to clean, so I rarely use it for that. It sounds good for a light crunch on top of the clean channel though, and thats what I use it for, because neither of my amps have a button on the footswitch to go from clean to crunch.
Right on dude, i just purchased one of these from eBay this morning, and im hoping it gets here quick!
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Sounds very nice indeed - I'm amazed at how cheap they are for what you get. I still wouldn't say (only judging by the clips obviously) that they're better than a 5150/6505, but they certainly sound like a cheap alternative. Very nice indeed.

good review + good clips. When I get my mic EVENTUALLY haha (been spending my money elsewhere currently) I'll be sure to get a few clips of the 6505+ in action hehe
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Yeah, I played an older 5150 that was $250 more than this head cost before the discount, and it was pretty damn nice, but I liked the cleans better on this, and the distortion was still really powerful and brutal, something my XXX doesnt have too much of, because it is a brighter sound.
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Not bad. I think the metal tone is seriously sexy.
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Uhh, Im pretty sure I cranked the mids to about 7 or 8, backed off the treble to 5 or 6, and the bass was at 9. I also had the reverb at 3 or 4. Im not 100% on that, because I was just messing around finding tones I thought were cool. I should have written them down, haha.
I'm glad you like it man. I love mine....What kind of mic setup did you use? SM-57?

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Yeah, nice tone. What did you use to record? It sounds pretty nice recording quality wise compared to many clips on people's profiles.

And something about that crunch clip didn't sound right. I little too thin and not sustainy I think. Might just be my personal preference. Not trying to bash tough, because it does dound nice!
Haha thanks for the comments on the recording. The timing on the solo for the crunch got messed up, and it does sound a little thin. If I turned up the amp and got more bass response it could have probably fixed that. But yeah, Im just using a Radio Shack Microphone that I got for $25, and Audacity to record this stuff. Also, I have a mic stand, but it doesn't go down low enough to be directly next to a speaker cone, so Its faced down in the general direction of one of the top speakers but its about a good 3 feet away from it... Not the best setup but hell, if it gets the job done I can't complain.
Haha, thanks. I was going to upgrade to a better software, because the latency in Audacity is a bitch to fix for every track I record, but it does sound pretty decent, so I havent done much with it.