It sounds like harrison might be using a leslie spaeker on the guitar on those two tracks? Or could it be a chorus pedal? and im talking about the version of the long and winding road from let it be naked album.
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i dont think so.. it sounds like a flange or phaser on something. and on let it be it just sounds like a clean guitar, and on long and windin g road i didnt even hear a guitar at all... but back then the only pedals i think they had were distortion echo and wah. they got phase and flange etc. through tape manipulation when they recorded things
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yeah, the only way to get phaser/flanger was to manipulate the controls and settings on an Echoplex or some other tape-delay/echo unit. This was most likely done during actual recording, pre-recorded (meaning they had several Echoplexes pre-set) or editing.

Also, I think what you're hearing is the Hammond organs in the background. Hammonds were used heavily in the 60's. <<<that's a HUGE understatement.
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