Yesterday I saw GameOne, a program about video games on MTV Germany and they talked about free games.
One of the games they talked about was a Bomberman online game and since I always liked Bomberman and thought playing against other players on the internet could be even more fun, I downloaded the game (~60MB)

I think it's quite cool, just like the old SNES bomberman games, but I really have to pratice a little bit... I keep bombing myself

You can download the game at http://www.bmoworld.com/ .

If some people like the game we could make some UG battles :p
Or team battles against other players...

Oh and my name is [UG]Burakki. Players with tags in their names are always the elite AND you can recognise fellow UGers more easily
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bomberman is the bomb!!!

was the best game on super nintendo, back in my days

I just creamed my pants.
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