Alex Grey

Watch the video! Painted in 1989, it supposedly predicted the September 11th attacks.
So Pit, conspiracy or coincidence?

"George Bush, next to a Dick."

Why can't there be more rational people...?
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Alex grey is cool, but I don't even need to watch the video to know its bull.
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I would say that aetherspear speaks nothing but the truth.
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It doesn't matter if Bush did allow for a massive time frame of 80 minutes for the terrorist attacks.
Either way he's a douche.
There's two options:
1.) He is an evil mastermind, setting forth the stepping stones for a NWO.
2.) He's an idiot, but his advisors told him that the attacks were a perfect opportunity to bring up the Patriot Act, the most disgusting legislature the U.S. has ever seen (aside from the Federal Reserve Act).

Both acts (and COAs) would make our founding fathers puke their guts out.