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I am after some help, I have the new Slash epi, and at the moment a little vox valvetronix 30w amp which i want to replace. Now, im not in a band, just enjoy playing at home, but i want to replicate as much as possible Slash's sound from the appitite era. Now i know that the amp he used was the fabled #39 (or#38 cant remember!) which was a special by caswell and all that, so ive done my research!, but i wanna go valve, but not sure what to get. Price is a big issue so it will be 2nd hand, but do i go jcm 800,900, 2000 or what? is it right you can only really get the correct sounf from these amps when they are cranked up full bore? i know i can use a power gate.

Basically, what would be the best head to go for for that deep blusey tone, along with beautiful crunch?

any ideas more than welcomed, thanks again.

go with a valveking combo or something, u cant play a gigantonormous marshall at home levels and still get a great sound

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Well I would either delete this thread and make a new one in the instruments forum(probably guitar gear & accesories) or wait for a mod move it, because the New Member Forum is for questions about the site, not guitar-related questions.

And on topic: I don't know alot about amps...sorry.
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go with the 900 if u cant afford one atm marshall 30 watts can get pretty close to the 900 sound, jcm 900 ftw
Look and sound, I'd say get a blackheart head and a microstack for speakers and looks.
Tube drive, mod it if you wanna gte closer, and the whole package is about 1500 cheaper than a full size tube marshall stack.
Better for practice, mic it at gigs.
Thanks for comments, but i have already bought a used 1985 marshall Jcm800 100w combo, and it rocks!