i have an old cry baby wah (horrible tone eater, and it buzzes?) could i convert it to a volume pedal, or maybe a pickup booster, some how?
Yes you could, all you need to do is bypass the circuitry so only the potentionmeter is in use. Pretty simple job that I bet you could work out yourself with a bit of play...

- Rich
If you take the back of your wah off, and locate the 4.7uf electrolytic capacitor, large one located near the large black inductor, then remove it from your circuit to bypass the wah effect and change it into a volume pedal!
I'm interested in doing exactly the same mod as this (changing an old Dunlop Cry Baby Wah to a basic volume pedal), and what you guys are syaing sounds simple enough, but looking elsewhere and searching around, some people say it's a huge job that basically involves replacing almost the entire insides of the pedal, then other people on top of that saying there's just no point anyway since it won't actually produce a volume 'sweep', it'll just be a basic on/off volume cut system.

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Those other people are full of shit. It really is that simple and it does prodce a volume sweep.

I've done this mod before. Useless imho, but that's 'cause I don't need a volume pedal.