Well I've been looking for bargain guitars and I came across this brand called Stirling. I was surprised that they had supposedly 'Zak Wylde signature guitars' as well as 'Steve Vai Signatures'

Heres their website


I was wondering whether anyone has used a stirling before or heard about them.
it just looks like a knock off company to me...
if your looking to get a great guitar at a great price go to epiphone there entry level stuff is really actually nice my second guitar was a epiphone les paul special 2 and it was really good for only about 130$
... were you?
those are no doubt inferiorly (sp?) made, and awaiting a lawsuit as i doubt either zakk or vai gave their permission to use their names.
ok. first off.. they will not get sued. its a small **** company wtf. theyll spend more money to sue them than half the money they win. second, it could be good but i doubt it
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Lmao, I NEED one of those serpent gee-tarz!!!
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touche sir.
Even if they do suck I might just buy a Zak Wylde bullseye just for how awesome it looks.
hey the guitar i bought off my mate is a great looking guitar but i need some screws to make it be able to keep the strings in. does anyone know where i can get some screws to do this cause i can't find any on any website.

thanks people