Poll: which cab for 6505 head?
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peavey 6505
3 25%
marshall 1960A/B
9 75%
Voters: 12.
hey, i plan on getting a peavey 6505 head and i was wondering whether a 6505 cab or a marshall 1960 a/b cab would be better.
i plan on playing almost all forms of heavy rock, modern hardcore (metalcore, deathcore, ect) and death metal, so a tight low end and chug is important.

i would just match it with a 6505 cab but i've seen many people match it with the marshall cab.

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neither. the marshalls suck and the 6505 is just decent. get a genz benz g-flex, they are absolutley amazing. the 2x12 puts about the same low end and loudness as a few 4x12s ive heard.

The marshalls were great a while back, now they are cheaply built and just sound poopy.

Heres a link to reviews on the g-flex...people love them.

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Depends on budget, the 1960a beats the pants off the 6505 hands down, it all depends on what you can afford.
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budget is irrelevant, as im working towards the money.
any other input would be great. such as why marshalls suck all of a sudden
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i find that all the heads i use i like to use with v30 cabs (marshal 1960v) but with the 6505 i like the normal 1960 (with g12t75's and not ivntage 30's) i think it suits the amp better IMO