Right now I have a Orange Rocker 30, and I love it for 80's rock and anything more modern than that, the problem is I am looking for a more classic sound, and I have not been able to find it in the amp. I am using an Epi Joe Perry Les Paul, and I replaced the bridge pick-up with an Bareknuckle Black Dog. I was wondering if anyone could offer some settings suggestions, or an different amp. I figure I could get at least $800 for the Rocker, and I am willing to throw in another $500, so $1300 give or take. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

The classic sound i am refering to wanting is Zeppelin, The Who, Allman Brothers type stuff.
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You pretty much have the perfect amp for that kind of stuff - I dunno what else to suggest.
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Play through the natural channel, or use less gain. A treble booster pedal should help too.
boost the mids and treble, like Midnight Murk said.
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Im with Mark on this...you have a great amp for it...just dial back the gain and boost the mids and highs!