I just bought this microphone. First off, the USB didn't recognize. There isn't a driver in the mic I got apparently. No drivers anywhere on the web I can find! Someone please help, this is pissing me off. Nothing pisses me off more then buying something new, and it not working.

Also the mic stand is stupid, it doesn't even screw on the clip...

Now I get a green light for half a second and then it goes away and tell mes the USB is malfunctioning...WHAT THE HELL?

Also it works on my old slow ass computer. Why do these things never work on my computer!?!!?!?!
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I did some looking around and one site talked about the drivers for this unit:

"Driver options: Default USB audio drivers, or SoftPre preamp software."

I'm seriously impressed with the SoftPre application that you can download from Samson's website. I've seen this type of control for higher-end microphones, and for a $50 mic, I was surprised. Here's how it works: plug in the mic, and bring up the SoftPre app (available for both Mac and Windows), and you'll have a great level meter, level control, high pass filter, and phase control, all features you'd normally have to access using an external preamp. The Q1U works just as well without the SoftPre application, too."


so yea, get your drivers:
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Quote by moody07747
what OS....Vista?

Windows XP SP 2. Installing SP 3 if that'll do jack squat. Ha
I got the SoftPre thing, doesn't do anything for me. It doesn't pick up the microphone is in the computer at all.
SP3 is pretty buggy i wouldn't bother...
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SP3 is pretty buggy i wouldn't bother...

Yeah I can't even install it because it says some application is running, when I shut everything down that I possibly can.

Samson still no reply to my email.

That's why I'm probably getting an iMac today ha