the recording can be found here: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/spiroth10/
the title is Eternity, and should be the first one on the list...

yeah its a bit repetitive, but I felt if I added to it, it would ruin the goodness I already had.

I recorded two tracks, just came up with it today acutally.

what are your opinions/thoughts on it?

tone isnt the greatist, I played through a digitech RP80 using it as an interface by plugging it into the line in of my pc via the headphone jack, and it doesnt work horribly, but the thing doesnt have great tone...


it can now be found on my solo myspace page here


but there isn't too much there yet, I threw it together just now.

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Nice melody, I like it. Now, give it some epic power metal riffs and play the melody over some heavy power chords!
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It has a real nice vibe to it. Sets the tone for the rest of the song (which is yet to be written i hope). Oh and the tone is nice too.
Honestly, just add some nice metallica ish riffs and keep bringing back that riff. Rock it.
It could be sooo much more. Just run with it.
Good job.

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Very cool riff man. I would go a lot different from Metallica if I were writing this. I would go toward a Tool sounding thing if you want it to sound like a prog/metal song, which i think it does sound a lot like Tool. Great job though, and keep it up. The tone is pretty good dude.
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