What is the best instrument cable? I have been looking at the monster cables. Are they good?
Monster cables are good, but i'm starting to make my own, i'll let you know how it goes, PM me if you want to know.

Its ALOT cheaper btw.

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I'd stay away from Monster. Planet waves are good cables at a reasonable price.

If you really want the best cable, go to lavacable.com and get a 20 foot van den Hul for $300.
Live wire cables work fine as well, and they have the same lifetime warranty as monster cables without the inflated price tag.
I bought one monster cable to see if it made a difference it doesn't. Not in tone, not even in amount of interference. Livewires are nice because GC stocks them and they have a lifetime guarantee, but most cheap cables should work fine, assuming they're not radio-shack quality.
For the most part, a cable is a cable. Of course you cant compare a $9 to a $30+ one...

But, for 99% of the time...your standard 20' $12 will work fine.

Now, if you have all pro gear (and I mean ALL top end gear) then yeah, you might as well spend the extra bucks on a nice cable.

Planet Waves
Ibanez makes a really good one but I cant remember the name of it


Pretty much anything $30 and over is going to be good quality.