Hi there UG.
I've got a Peavey Classic 30, great amp, but I'd like to change the speaker. Something a lot more "British Voiced", you just can't beat that roar.

I have three questions for you guitar techs out there:
1) Which speaker (Celestion G12H, or Eminence Red Coat- The Governor) do you think is better for nailing that kinda tone? I play stuff like Zeppelin, GNR, Van Halen, AC/DC are my kinda things (I realize that's kinda a wide jump )

2) The Celestion is rated at 30W, and the Governor is "Up to 75W"...I think so, but will both work in the Classic 30? (The Classic 30 is rated at, surprise, 30 Watts).

3) If yes to #2, would I need a 8 Ohm or 16 Ohm for the amp?

Here's a couple links and pictures, just in case anyone needs 'em:
Classic 30:




Sorry for the wall of a post, thanks in advance
Eminence Red Fang. A 30W Celestion Blue clone. I have one in my Vox AC30. It's an awesome British voiced speaker. Probably just about exactly what you want.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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I think that's a little expensive lol, and I compared the sound/specs of the Red Fang and the Governor, they're not that different ;p;