Hey. Ive been playing for a little over a year. I decided to pull my biggest feat yet, learning the entire Stadium Arcadium album over the summer (in tab since I couldnt find the album in sheet music form) Do you think this is unrealistic, and whats the hardest thing about the album?

Ive already got down:
Dani California
Snow (almost up to speed)
And bits and pieces from others.
if you can play the full solo to Turn it Again perfectly, after a year of playing, I'll be duly impressed
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Goodluck with Readymade, I had to figure out the riff and the solo because my internet was broken back then. But it's quite easy once you get the timing.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to list that. Ive got a good portion of Readymade, but I cant get those rough sounds at the end of the solo.
i'm not sure where you live but i picked up the entire sheet music book at Guitar Center for S.A.

It was like $40 bucks i think but came with 2 seperate CDs for both sides that had the guitar and bass only - rest stripped out...helps a bunch.

Snow and Storm in a Teacup seem especially daunting to me. Desecration Smile is now my favorite song beating out Dani.

thats absurd, but theres a lot of different sounds and styles on there so youre playing will def get a hell of a lot better...I just have a tough time putting such a big task ahead of me, I take one or two songs at a time
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I should do this too. It's such a versatile album with lots of different styles, and the guitar parts in this album are really well made, and great sounding.
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