As I was changing my strings today, I managed to lose one of my bridge pins. So I have the strings on my acoustic besides my low E. I also will not be able to go to my local guitar shop til Monday at the earliest, will this effect my acoustic?
it mite. u should be able to hold off till monday
if worst comes to worst u get a truss rod adjustment if necessary
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no it should b good. youve got all the other 5 string on so it should keep it pretty tight
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6 strings have more tension than 5 strings. warping occurs from excess tension. so no, it will not. even taking off all your strings at once and leaving it stringless for a week or two will have no negative effects. it would only become a problem if you left it like that for quite a few years without strings.
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No, such a short time with the absence of one string only will have no effect.