Hey all, I'm just curious about something.
In your average modern rock song (at least in my experience) the majority of chords aren't root-3rd-5th but are root-5th-root. Why? Isn't that more of an empty octave than a chord?
Sorry if this is a retarded question
I don't know exactly, but the fact that hte third if omitted doesn't reduce the chord to either major or minor. It could be both since it's only the 1st and 5th. And because of that, it has a significant sound from that of a regular major or minor chord.
There are two main reasons.
The first is that due to the way that distortion affects the sound that the guitar makes (see: physics), when a triad is played, the third is often "lost" and sounds very muddled to the degree that having it there is almost pointless because it adds ambiguity as to the tonality of the chord. The second reason is that powerchords, while are often implied to be minor, major or whatnot based on what else is going on in the song, allow the rest of the band some ambiguity with what notes they can play without being dissonant.
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