So today I found out I was accepted into a pretty cool jazz camp that attracts alot of top notch teachers and so on and so forth. Anyway for the audition material I am supposed to play Billie's Bounce by Charlie Parker, and not the walk or anything, the melody. Now in my opinion the ability to play Beep-Bop melodies shouldn't even start to be an important skill for a bass player, espically one trying out to be in a big band. Anyway what do you guys think about this?

Any tips on playing this ?:

First off, open up your mind. Playing the "head" on bass is wonderful in jazz. And congrats on the camp experience; I'm supremely jealous

My advice on that is to throw a few bass chords in between phrases in the melody; it sounds great and creates "accents' in the melody that are really appropriate for be-bop melodies. I learned a version of Duke Jordon's "Jordu" like that. I love playing be-bop that way; I'm learning a solo version of ""Scrapple from the Apple" using that technique as well.
Good luck and let us know it works out.
One of Jaco's main things he did when he learned bass was that he learned every part to a song. Meaning he learned both the rhythm AND melody. He felt that it was limiting as a bass player (hell, as a musician) to constrict yourself in that way. That's why he was such a good soloist and stood out from other bassists. One of many reasons. lol

It'll be rough to learn, but you'll find it was worth it in the end.
yaa, my advice to you, if you really want to blow there efing minds, play the lead part and rythym bass walk part, it may require some finger picking, or be plain impossible, but hey, im just throw'n it out there