Wow so in a nutshell I tried jamming with people WAY out of my league they are unbelievable and i couldn't keep up at all. Is there any basic tips for jamming like what kind of chord progressions and what scales to use. We play kind of bluesy classic rock kind of tunes if that helps. Like how to start a jam session
Also can some one explain the keys to play in like here play this in D for example that would be amazing
Ya you're all like wow noob shut the @#!$ up and just give up but ya i kinda need help
Everybody always told me stuff like the comments above. I never worked. I just gave up and settled on always playing shred and classical covers. Music is supposed to be fun right, I shouldn't have to think hard about it, I want progress I can see.
just try a basic chord progression, like a 12-bar blues or something if you're just background.
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I'd like the same knowledge, because knowledge is half the battle!!
Can you explan the 12 bar blues thing, I tried lessons and everything but ****...

Just as simple as you can do it.
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You don't learn how to jam...you feel it.

That's cheesy, I know, but it's true.

Ya i know what you mean I try not to think about it but just play but im not sure it just doesn't work you know I ended up feeling like i let them all down
The thing is we all switch off ( theres 2 other guitarists) one plays lead one plays rythym and one will just solo so i manage all right in the back but when i play lead its sketchy
The best advice I can give with the information you gave is to keep playing with these guys. Jamming with people better than you is one of the best, if not the best, ways to get better.

Why don't you ask them for some tips next time you go?
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ya its true and they do kinda help me out on my way but i just feel like such an idiot you know i wish i could just prove my self, but give me one summer and I'll be alright lol
Take lessons if you want to progress. Best advice I can give you. Also, learn your scales/read music/understand the circle of fifths
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