I think Abe Vigoda's sound is more on the punk side, but they'll probably get more love here. Even though there are folks who aren't fond of the label, I think the most accurate description of their sound is tropical punk. They were brought up in the No Age thread on account of the two bands touring this summer. They're releasing a new cd in July that I'm pretty hyped for. Anyway, link:


for some reason, i wasn't expecting to be impressed. turns out i was part right. at some points i like it, others i hate it.
I was hoping this thread would be about Abe Vigoda starting a music career. I could see him as a troubadour.

How disappointing.
I like Abe Vigoda quite a bit. They are pretty sweet and maybe almost better than No Age. Almost like a punk AC in a way, with guitar most gamelan-esque!
Just got Skeloton and I must say they are one of my new favorites. A friend mentioned em last night and his taste is pretty aligned with mine so I picked it up, I think its awesome. All the reverby guitar and frantic drumming, I like it a lot.
Yeah, I've listened to it about 3 times now. It's fantastic. My only complaint is that the songs sort of run together, but that's alright because they're all overflowing with hooks.
It is. I feel like I'm the only person in this thread, but Abe Vigoda continues to be good, so I must continue talking about them. Everybody should check out Kid City too. It's got a much different sound from Skeleton, more like a sort of artsy punk thing going on, but it still has a few of those catchy "tropical" bits, and the closer is one of my favorite songs by them.


There it is, and a pretty cool video to boot.
Ooh, I didn't know about this, but I really like this song. The production is good, but it still sounds like them. Plus the vocals are actually in tune.
The new song is good shit. Nothing out of the ordinary for these guys, though.

Also, I heard via Last.fm shoutbox they announced at a show that Reggie is leaving the band after the next show. If so, fuck.
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He's the drummer, right? That would be a shame because the drums are a huge part of their sound.
I know it's their intention, but the production on skeleton kind of bothers me. Everything runs together almost too much. They had some versions of songs from skeleton from 2007 that I got hooked on. When they album came out I had a 'wtf' moment; 'they ruined World Heart!' The 4 minute version IS much better. The album is great though. Sometimes I wish they would just stay locked in a groove instead of killing it on purpose.
o i saw them open for vampire weekend in september in LA. they werent good at all!