I got my Harley Benton GA5 combo (repackaged valve junior with added bass EQ control) the other day..and i love it, amazing amp for the money! (£69+delivery) im drawing up a materials list for the mods ill be performing on it soon, then it came to me...why not add an fx loop? it shouldnt be too hard as the amp isnt SS, also it's working with a low wattage output so there shouldnt be much hassle adapting it to handle a loop. I understand that fx loops are placed between the pre-amp and power amp stages in the amp; so looking at the circuitboard the loop would be placed somewhere around C2 and R15 (if im following the traces right)

Has anyone attempted this before? I tried googling but only got sites talking about some speaker add on...

There has to be some form of attenuation on the loop's "SEND" jack as the voltage or current I would imagine is quite high..and then some sort of gain recovery stage after the "RETURN" jack but this is my first time working with valves so im still learning about their operating conditions and characteristics.

Anybody care to share any thoughts? I really want this feature on my amp!

i have the head version of this amp so id like to see what you do with it!

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