Do you guys know where I can Buy a cheap Les Paul body? I have tried Ebay but no luck, too expensive. And I'm not having too much luck googling it. Websites would be preferred.
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meh 50 bux. It jsut has to be a les paul body style, not a les paul body (thats would be pricey)
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I dunno, I went through this search a few months ago, and ended up giving up. not very encouraging but good luck
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ya... i was thinking that too. Maybe I should just buy one thats just wood, no paint job yet...
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You arent going to get much of a guitar body for 50 bucks. And you have to watch some guitar bodies as getting a neck that will fit could be a problem.
you wanna pay $50 and you want the wood to be nice too? have you ever heard of veneer?
pawn shops. that way, you should get a neck as well, and possibly some pickups (depending on how well you can heckle them down) and that way you'll have specs for everything else, and testers for pickups etc.


ugh, thats a god awful body. is that routed for P90's ? but, hell, its cheap, go for it
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Uhm, even if it is stained you can sand it back to wood...
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Sanding it wont be a big issue. The top is a veneer anyways. Who knows whats underneath. A bridge might a problem as its the stud spacing will probably be metric and most american made stuff wont fit easy. And that neck pocket will give few choices in a neck.