i know kinda different topics BUT

I'm freaking sick of my cables dying
I have Gh cable that just died thus destroying my ability to use effects

what are some good 5 stings
iv been looking into it
no real price range just not outrageous
buy monster cables. that is all i need to say.
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Cables= Monster, Planet Waves and Dimarzio.

For fivers--I tried a bunch and really liked the Jazz V 24. I'd buy a Urge II V if Fender and Stu Hamm would ever agree to produce one commercially.
Buy Monster cables. They are expensive, but very high quality and also backed by a lifetime warranty. Planet Waves is very reputable also, but I haven't tried them personally and don't know their replacement plan. It's worth looking into though.

Schecter Stilleto Elite is a great 5 string for about $600. Most guitar centers have them in stock, so it shouldn't be hard to try out.
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All the info you could possibly want on cables and so much more.

As for 5 strings, Schecter, Carvin, Ibanez, and G&L are some great companies to look into.
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I would go with the Musician's Gear cables from Musician's Friend, the only on that has went out on me took over a year.

Now 5 strings.

There's the Ibanez Soundgear Series, such as the SR305FM(great bass, I own one myself) is around 400$, active pickups. As the hundreds digit goes up in the model name, so does the price(and supposedly the quality).

There's the Schecter Stilettos, and depending on what style you get of it (Studio or Custom), so does the price. I know for sure that the Custom runs at 560$ from a lot of online retailers such as Musician's Friend and Guitar Center. Very nice bass as well.

You have a new brand of bass called Laguna now with the Ocean TB75 which has 2 active pickups, or passive if you switch it off. It runs at around 800$, with a handcrafted body, thru neck design. You can get virtually any sound out of it, but you will have to mess with string tension if it doesn't suit you straight out of the box (thats how it was for me). It was very worth it though.

You have the Ernie Ball Music Man, widely acclaimed as one of the best basses to be built. You can choose from two styles, either the Bongo or the Stingray. Very versatile as far as the tone is concerned. If you get one of these you will have one of the most sought after basses in the land. These are not cheap however, they run anywhere from 1300-1600$ or cheaper if you can find them used.

There is also the 5 string version of the very popular Fender Jazz and Precision Basses. I don't have very much experience with these so thank god for a forum with almost everyone who is familiar with them. Must be good because almost everyone has either the 4 or 5 string version of these.

These are the only ones I can think of at the moment.