So, I want to try some pretty good quality strings. I'm lookin for some strings that sound punchy and also sound good with slap and pop. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Ernie Ball Super Slinkies.

Seriously, the heaviest gauge works well on my 5 string and the next lightest works on my 4 string.

Thats my recommendation for you.
Try DR high beams
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diadarrio are pretty good and have awesome sustain. but i agree, rotosound are awesome.
i love my bass =]

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Conklin Snakeskins, of you can get a hold of them, they are a bit expencive though. But they last a loooong while and give a great "piano" like tone its quite distinct.
Are rotos good to use with any kind of music and not just funk cause I'm in a rock band right now and I don't want my bass to sound weird for the music we're playin.