I have an Ibanez RGR320 EX with an EDGE 3 tremelo bridge *its basically the same as a Floyd Rose*

The thing I am curious about is how I can keep my whammy bar in a semi locked position. Right now it just kind of hangs straight down and wobbles, but I have seem videos with people who have theirs stay sideways right below the strings, like this....

How can I make it stay like that???
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My answer exactly - the grub screw at the rear of the trem will tighen the arm in its socket. My mate has an RG Prestige and had the same issue. Press the whammy bar fglat against the body and you'll see the screw. Then use 'righty-tighty' to lock your whammy bar in place.

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I have the same guitar. just do this: open the back of your guitar and behind the springs you will see a screw. Tight on the srew and the pressure on the bar will increase ( this will also prevent the bar from falling an going sideways)
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can you jam a piece of tooth pick or paper towel or something in there to tighten it up?

i did that with my strap buttons!! haha
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