i have th choice for 50 bucks more then my omen 6 was to return it n get the c1 plus but will it give me that same metal tone better worse etc then my omen 6
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The C-1 will definitely give you a good metal tone, so don't worry about it. It's a very versatile guitar.
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Amp permitting, you should.
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Do it. The C-1 plus is a really versitile guitar. I love mine to death and have no problem getting a good metal sound out of it when I want to.
The C1+ is amazing. The pups are kinda muddy. Its a very versitile guitar but i find it does metal best. Do a pup swap .
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I think I'm going to get a C-1 Plus if I can find one. Nicer finish than the C-1 Elite, and cheaper. I'll be ripping out the pickups and replacing them with Swineshead anyway.

And yes, you'll get metal tones out of it. My S1 got pretty good metal tones out of the stock pickups, but I opted for a pickup change to give it more clarity and a touch more output. Well worth buying one, they're nice guitars.
speaking of cheap i got mine today n its great n only paid 379 talked them down at the local store..