Hello, I'm the guitarist in a band called Gravia.

We're based in Upstate, New York. We are currently recording our debut EP, but we have some rough demo's up online. Please check out our new MySpace page, and .com website!

MySpace Page

Please feel free to give criticisms, add us as a MySpace friend, and tell us what you think of our tunes.

Thank You very much!
Here's a link to a teaser of the upcoming EP. I just got happy with a drum mix, the guitars aren't the final ones, and the bass is just pitch-shifted guitars and is kinda farting...we'll get bass down in July. Vocals in late July/August. EP released by the end of the summer!

(This will pop-up a music player)

PLEASE let us know what you think! This was all recorded and mixed on our own (all mixing done by me) on a $100 budget! We're very happy with the results so far, but please let us know your opinions!

Will obviously Crit-for-Crit!

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