I got some tutorials on how to use Cubase the other day, so I decided to record something.

Guitar is passed through Guitar Rig. Bass is synthesized and drums were made with EZdrummer.

It isn't the full song. Just up to the end of the solo before the beginning riff starts again. I couldn't play the fast bits of the solo well, so I just did what I could.


I made a version with stupid text to speech vocals as well:

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sounds like a ****ing robot!

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the robotic vocals actually work really well. hahaha. good job on all of it man. i know i hate doing the tapping part before the solo.
Hey man, I havent heard this song in such a long time, but you did a really good job! Timing was great throughout, and everything sounded really good. It took forever for me to load for some reason, so I only checked out the instrumental version. Maybe Ill take a look at the robot vox later, haha.