What are your rituals for when you record.

for me the only thing is that i wear a rock n roll hat that i got for my birthday

(i only just started recording)
Bands I've Seen:
Ozzy Osbourne
Rob Zombie
In This Moment
Age of Daze
Blue October
Inward Eye
Billy Talent
Rise Against
Theory of a Deadman
Pop Evil
Blink 182
All-American Rejects
Fallout Boy
Before i record guitar I make sure my dog is ready to sing... and i dont even have a dog.... so yeah,
I can't have anything else occupying my mind when I record.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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But our Band is Listana
well when we go into the studia i make sure its only me and my guitarist we usually throw on some necrophagist to get motivated drink some absinthe smoke peach cigars hook up our stuff and play while smoking cigars and we ALWAYS wear camo shorts and a skin tight shirt, its weird but thats what we do
Sex is good
Sex is fine
Doggy Style & 69
Just for fun
Or gettin paid
Everyone likes gettin laid
I tune before I record...
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