This guitar looks and plays just like a Gibson. In fact, I've upgraded the pickups with the exact same ones used in the Gibson Les Paul, which Musician's Friend has valued at $140 each. The guitar itself is listed at $550, so I will sell it all for $450 (obo), which is almost 50% off Musician's Friend's prices. I'll throw in a nice gig bag and stand for free.

The guitar is in great condition, but I'm looking to take up bass guitar and need the money to afford one. Send me an email if interested.


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Sorry, I haven't gotten a chance to go try out basses and see what I really like.
It's a 2006 I believe. I got it new 2 years ago from Guitar Center. It's had a fair amount of use. Nothing too heavy, as our band still hasn't found the right members to do gigs yet, but it still looks new.