Hey, I was just wondering about this: if I buy a Mim Fender Strat with an SSS configuration, can I change the pickup configuration so that it's an HSS without much hassle? Or would I have to carve out a new space in the body for the humbucker?
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u can get SC shaped Humbuckers, that are stacked, they fit in SC gaps. But if you want a specific humbucker than yes you need to cut out some wood
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I think all MIM standards are routed HSS, even the SSS. I'm 99% sure but you might wanna wait for someone to confirm that
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The newer bodies should be routed for a humbucker in the bridge but you will have to get a new pickguard cut for a bridge bucker.
the safer bet would be to get a HSS and get another pickguard for your SSS needs. What I'm doing now. I have my SSS config loaded on and a separate HSS pickguard.
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