Anyone else on here have one of these? I thought we could have a thread on the settings that we use.
my metal sound consists of
amp model: L8(death metal pedal)
bass 8
mid 2
treb 9
noise gate 93

i also have another metal setting that is the same except i use the r8 amp model (mesa/boogie). its the best i can get right now but it will probably change once i get the SH-6 that i ordered put in my sg
I hate those settings.

But, with my RP50, if I use any effects on there, I use the clean preamp amp model. It seems to add a bit of life to my tone, which most of the unit sucks out.
But, since I only use it as a tuner/drum machine, I don't use it like that anymore.
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I just bought one of these off ebay. I mean, I JUST bought it, meaning that it arrived last night. I messed around with it for a few minutes. I didn't spend enough time with it to really figure it out.

I hope I am correct in thinking that I will be able to set the amp modeling setting to the '57 Fender (E1-E9), plus the distortion setting to an Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer (51-59), and the expression pedal to the Wah setting. And I'd love to be able to save all those as a prefered setting and turn it on at will.
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Cause I'm tired of playing the air guitar.
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