Uh..something just crawled in my bellybutton and went "in"..matrix style?

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Uhh..I was sitting on my bed and I felt a tickling in my belly button and a grey thing that looked like lint was there. So I started poking at it, and it kind of made legs come out of it self like a slug does kinda, and it went "in" the fold that is there. I don't feel weird, I might have hallucinated the legs, because I am a hypochondriac but I seriously think something crawled into my body. Is it possible? I know the belly button is a feeding tube when you're in utero, so is there a way this thing (I'm guessing it has something to do with the Matrix) could get in me?
and the first thing you didn't was come and tell us?

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Cheers to you triple x maniac

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Wait, your dick is in a chick's ass, and you're complaining.

Its a sad, sad day.
Man I am not feeling good now, I have a stomach ache..and I feel like I am gaining a new body or something? My brain feels like it is getting deleted. I am growing in mas.s. Omg..I m going to be back in a couple minutes. I will get a pic of my metamorphosis. I need some help I think
There's no way something could get in there without breaking skin, and that would probably hurt/bleed.

And..slugs don't have legs?
So...red pill or blue pill?

...modes and scales are still useless.

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I just called my dad. He is going to help me, but I am now unable to barely stand, and my hair is growing fast and cellulite is forming.
dude got to the hospital with your medical needs UG IS NOT A QUALIFED DOCTOR so go to teh hospital!
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Shouldnt have said the unspoken words of MG in the pit. Now look at what ya dun.

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A guitar made of wood?
That's such a ****ing brilliant idea!

mush the bug up then dig it out.
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.
remember, your eyes are gonna hurt for a little while at first...

...because you've never used them
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Cheers to you triple x maniac

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Wait, your dick is in a chick's ass, and you're complaining.

Its a sad, sad day.
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was it a spider? cuz spiders are nature's ninjas. often times i'm taking a shower and WHAM! theres a spider right there!!

I probably shoulda guess about the time you said that you were undergoing a metamorphisis (sp?) lol.
All of this just so you could show us that picture?
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I have to say. This was sickly entertaining.
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omfg. hELP!

you turned into JYNX?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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It's gone to live in your stomach where it will feed, grow, and lay eggs until it decides to leave through your colon, except it will be too big by then and rip your colon and you will bleed uncontrollably and die. The eggs will then hatch and the small ones will feed on your rotting corpse.
Dude you are beginning to look like that thing from Blade 1 I'd recommend staying away from UV rays as they are now potentially deadly.
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Youg uys. I need some seroius help.

Ah. Good job you came to the Pit then... To be honest, I was expecting "I'm a cat and a bullet just crawled inside me".
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Demoralising women is just one of the many services we provide here at UG

i loled.

a lot..


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and the first thing you didn't was come and tell us?


he poked it. Jeez didn't you read the post?
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