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Okay. Your much better alone than with friends, no offense. The girl is good at guitar, don't get me wrong. Shes amazing, but it doesn't fit the song to me -- its cool you did it original though so I guess I should not bash. Your voice is good, the guitar is new and interesting, the first singer needs some work though.

Anyways overall I'll call it interesting, and has some hope for a cool song

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The guy with no guitar singing looks like a frustrated gay man when he's singing (facial expressions) And he needs something to do with his hands. U should have recorded this by yourself.
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oops, commented on the wrong one! So, thanks for the honest comments.

In defense, we just learned this song and practiced it twice through. So pretty decent for a couple minutes I think...
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Drop the singer... I don't like him at all. You and the girl though are where it's at, you two could make an awesome tandem, ESPECIALLY if she can harmonize well.

Guitar... You played a solid rhythm, and the chicky played a damn nice lead guitar. Not sure it added to that specific song, but it sure didn't take away from it.

Vocals... YOU sang it well, your voice suited it. The other guy, notsomuch. I don't like his voice, and he looks more awkward while singing than SRV did while bending 2 steps.

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i like it.

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Do you think that an electric guitar doing a planned lead part would be more appropriate for the specific song? Perhaps doing something simular to the piano riffs in the original song?

Thanks for the feedback...
the lead guitar sounds out of place for some reason
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