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So recently this stupid cat keeps coming to the lake behind my house and stealing the fish I keep there. I got close enough one day to see the address on his tag and plan to get my revenge on this feline of terror. I took my dad's black hummer out and took a gun registered under my dad's name. Soon enough I got within shooting distance of the house and loaded up. I saw the feline simply sitting on the porch and cocked my gun, aimed, and fired. BAM! Straight through him. I jumped back in the car and drove off fast.

But today, the god damn cat came back limping to my lake and fricking took more fish! He freaking lived! He is like the Rasputin of cats!

What should I do??

Edit: My reasons are on post 42, if you must know. That's page 2 for you pit monkeys (or page 3 if you're a noob)
I actually do have schizophrenia, so stop making fun of people who have it.

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You're a ****ing dick.

And from anonymous sources, I hear your a asshole.
I actually do have schizophrenia, so stop making fun of people who have it.

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****ing shoot it again!
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lol..Maybe you could have contacted the owners and told them about their cat instead of shooting it lol. I mean calm down man.

I guess the options are take it to a vet or finish off the job.
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You shot that ??
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He is like the Rasputin of cats!

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dood thats ****ed up
my cat got shot once (non-fatal) and it was a total day ruiner and a big bill to get her sergery.
did u try chasing it off or calling its owners first?
ahahahahahaha oh god i love the pit
this thread and probably the one its referring too are amazing
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catch the cat put it in a cage and release it in your city's downtown area.
There are too many of these threads... they aren't funny anymore.
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should've shot it again
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The cat picture post wins, hands down.

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And from anonymous sources, I hear your a asshole.

and you're a what, a PUSSY??
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shoot it again...
and again.
if that fails.

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nice going TS, now some little kid is gonna wonder why his ****ing cat is limping. And also his parents will lie to him cuz you don't tell a 6 year old that some loser shot his cat so he will find out his parents lied to him. Nice going bud.
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What should I do??

Stop being a fucking Animal Abuser

Stop putting your Fish in a public Lake.

And take that gun to your face.
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Why would you shoot the cat? That's just mean.

You better watch your back, animals take revenge quickly.
Wow. Some the posters are really stupid to not make the paradocial connection between the threads.
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