alright guys, i'm in a real ****ty situation.

my uncle is on a business trip in san francisco for like a week. he is insisting to gift me a guitar on my birthday. seems like the only store he can access to is Guitar center on Van Ness Ave.
the budget is around $300. i play mostly metal.

it was alright, until i called the store and checked for availability. seems like the store is out of stock on all esp and jacksons! all they have in my price range is ibanez and epiphone.

so i'm kinda forced to choose an ibanez........ and i found out that they r even out of rg321!! all i could find was an ADX120 and a RG2EX1.

i have no idea which one to get since i never planned on getting an ibanez. the reviews look good for both, albeit indicating that the ADX120 is a bit better.

can anyone give any input in this? i'm a non US resident, so i'm in a lot more ****tier situation!!

(adx120 does look a bit more metal right? for me, looks matter )
Just don't get a guitar. Wait it out.
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cant, good guitars costs twice as much around here. besides, i need the guitar this summer.
If you had to absolutely choose one now I'd go with the RG2EX1.