I was checking MF for a SS practice amp , for low volume but good tones , I like playing Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera and 80's Heavy Metal only, found this amp at a very good price ($249), seams like a good deal to me, and Dime used to play Randall so I think it should be good, right? Anyway I haven't found so far any opinions about it, you know like in HC or something, searched here but no comments bigger than a line. I know tubes are better, but already have my tube amps, but family keeps complaining about the volume, and I'm not a guy that like headphones really, I really like loud, but ok I'll buy something small for practice, then I'll do loud later.
This Randall seams to have the std features, and I like it has 1x12", please give me some feedback on this one, any suggestions for other brands are welcome ..... so bring it on ! ! ! ! !
Bah... it's alright.
If you're just practicing, I can say that it's pretty good for your genres.
Call me Wes.
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I honestly think they suck, all randalls are only great at producing muddy tones.

look at getting a roland cube or maybe a peavey bandit or vox valvetronix or something.
Since I haven't had a chance to find one and play it in a store, I'll rely on buying on line, and return it if don't like it.
I appreciate the comments, but can you please describe it more if possible, and what guitars you played it with.
thanks thetoastinator , great covers, are you playing with the Bugera? do you play the randall on some of the videos?

thanks Diamond Dave, the only thing I may not like about the vox it's the modeling for several amps, that it may sound too digital, and may be not for metal, but I haven't played one yet.