What do you guy's think abotu therir genere change from "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" to "Pretty.Odd."
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Pretty Odd is way better.

Which still is only below average.
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its a tough call
on one hand they nail the whole Beatles era feel on this album
on the other hand, they did a much better job on their last album in my opinion because they really created this theatrical, multi-faceted tone that suits them soooo well
however, they got associated with the emo crowd, whcih isnt exactly a good label to be under anymore
bottom line: i wish they had done more with pretty odd to recreate that multifaceted tone in a different context, but it all starts to sound so similar and monotone. or better yet, go back to ur original style
btw am i the only one who doesn't think of patd as emo?
I personally have never really listened to much p-at-the-d except for their hits from both CD's...I just never really got into them. But I went to their show in council bluffs, iowa and they impressed me. I've been since watching them on youtube and their good. Just my opinion though and it's worth ****.
I love Panic at the Disco!! when i first heard they were changing their sound after A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, i started to panic (no pun intended! =D) (ha ha, is it really sad to laugh at your own unfunny joke?!) Anyways, as soon as i heard Pretty.odd. I fell in love with the new sound..

by the way Prsrulz91, i agree i don't think patd are emo at all.