I've noticed that, on every computer i record any sort of audio with, there is always a few milleseconds of delay that occurs, making tracks seem out of time in mixes. As a result, I have to move the tracks 'forward' manually, which can be tedious and innacurate. Is there any way of preventing this?
Happens to me too. It's a bitch and I don't know anyway arround it. Manually delaying it works, but it's tedious and annoying, hopefully there's a better way.
folks keep bringing this up and i don't get it. i have zero latency. how are you recording? granted i have a fairly new toshiba laptop with more processor and memory than i will ever need. still, i'm running out of multi-effect pedal to pc via USB and using audacity.

would a better sound card help? don't know.

also check over in Riffs and Recordings forum as i'm sure it is addressed over there.

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still, i'm running out of multi-effect pedal to pc via USB and using audacity.

I'm doing the same thing, and no latency. Although my computer is pretty old. Have you tried ASIO4ALL? Maybe that'd help?
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Its basically sound card problems, ive heard of a few ways of fixing this, but none of them are as 100% as just buying a new sound card.

USB should result in no latency, because its a lot faster means of sending data. Where as line in/mic in depends on the quality of your sound card.
I've actually tried many different methods. For the most part, in the past it was a Mic straight into the sound card, sometimes with a mixer. Now I've got a soundboard actually using USB, and I've got the same problem. I have it on many computers (my own and others) and it's still the same thing. I'm surprised theres no way to, for example, have the computer detect the latency, then move the track forward/compensate for it automatically.. or is there?
i'm not sure how the computer would be able to detect latency on it's own.

what is a soundboard, or do you mean soundcard?

i need to crash but i guess what is your PC exactly (with specs) your sound card and other gear here as i'm getting confused.

maybe you could spell (draw) it out for us with specifics. like guitar > mixer > usb > PC

also, please check over in Riffs and Recording as i bet they are better suited.

for example i just typed in Recording Latency up in the Search box and most everything that came back was in Riffs and Recordings.

Have you tried adjusting the latency setting? also you will need a pro(sumer) level soundcard cos most aren't designed for low latency input, essentially just sounds like wrong tool for the job to me, also audacity is ass, i'm sorry but it is, try reaper or wavosaur instead...this is very brief, it runs alot deeper, but you'll need a proper audio interface pretty much to fix your latency problems, as to sound issues, I could spend all day runninng through those!
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It's not audacity lagging, it's your stock soundcard.

Stock soundcards aren't at all designed for recording, which is why you're getting latency.

Option 1: Upgrade your computer's soundcard.

Option 2: Buy an audio interface. Not only will it have a preamp section that cleans up your sound, but it will connect to your computer via firewire or usb, eliminating your stock soundcard from the signal chain and immensely reducing, if not completely removing, latency.
Download Asio4all......install it...in audacity select Asio4all as the default input driver....
it significantly reduces latency