I'm planning on getting one of these because:

1.) Great reviews online and on UG.
2.) The price is right!

I'm planning on doing some fun work/projects on it though. (though maybe not, we'll see)
- de-fretting.
- New finish (I like natural finishes, but I hate the gloss).
- Maybe making a cool wooden pickguard?
- Adding Veneer to headstock or making custom logo for headstock

My question was mainly about the 'inlays'...

I'm not sure where I read this, but for some reason it is in my head...
That the 'black block inlays' As seen here

Are not actual inlays, and are simply black rectangles painted under the laquer/finish of the fingerboard...

Is this true?
I hate the look of them, so If I sand them... will they be gone? (part of the de-fretting process).
Yah they're just painted on, they turn my finger tips black after playing a while, or maybe thats the strings, I dont know, but they're nothing fancy
i have the Squier VM jazz bass. but mine is f'ed up a little bit, the front pickup does not work at all. i think its a wireing issue, or maybe a dead pot. any help guys?

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Why not just buy the fretless version to begin with?

I'm not 100% sure if I want to turn it into a fretless (I'm a guitarist looking for something new and interesting)...

So just in case I don't want a fretless... It has frets...
and If I do want a fretless (at this point I do)... then I have a fun DIY project.

So the consensus is that the block blocks are painted on and will easily come off with sanding? Fantastic!
wooden pickguard? yuck i think they look awful but its up to you
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I know this might not be what you want to hear, but have you considered learning to play rather than buying a bass just to funk around with it like a lego set?