This is for all those threads that say I have been playing 6 months 1 year etc and I still suck. Be patient you will get better.
My story I am 40yrs old I just started playing guitar about a year and a half ago.
I always loved the guitar even got one when I was about 8 for Christmas (el cheapo) but I never had the mentor to set the example for me and encourage me.
After I got older I met a friend who played but by that time High School band convinced me I had no talent for music so I could only look on his playing with envy.
Then came Guitar Hero it gave me a glimpse of what playing a guitar must be like and between it and my friend I bought my first guitar.
He would not teach me because he doesn't have the patience but we would get together sometimes on the weekend and he would show me a few simple things and I would practice basic chords and changes during the week.
I tried to practice at least an hour a day and it was slow going I have small hands so I didn't have much range on the fretboard and there were a lot of things I thought it would be impossible for me to ever do Barre Chords in particular so I just didn't practice them. I wasn't learning guitar to play in a band or be a Guitar god I was learning for the enjoyment of playing for myself so if I couldn't do some techniques then I would enjoy doing the ones I could do.
After about 6 months when I felt I had the Basic chords down pretty well I got a teacher. I still had trouble with some transitions especially the G to C and D to C (thought I would never get that one) but I felt it was time to get professional help. Now i know a lot of people say you don't need a teacher to learn guitar and maybe for them it is true but for me I learn more by seeing ,hearing and doing than I can in a book and you can't get feedback or ask questions of a video.It was the best thing I could have done for my playing I still am not where I want to be but I am so much better than I was a year ago I am doing things I thought were impossible a year ago
My fretbord range and dexterity have increased my transitions are faster and I can even do barre chords (my transitions to and from barre chords still suck but I am working on it) although I can't do them for long before my hand starts cramping but I try to go longer everyday.
I finally feel I am starting to make the transition from just playing chords and notes into playing music but I still have a long way to go.
My point is stick with it especially if you are young you will get better if you put the practice in. Right now I am in a race with time and my body to get as good as I can before my physical abilities deteriorate. I know there are some great players in their 60's and 70's but they were way above my level when they were 40.I know I will never be great I just hope to someday be good but I will settle for good enough.
I could probably be better if I followed a regimented training schedule and did more drills but as I said earlier I play for fun and while I do try to do some drills and songs I mostly just play what I feel like playing for as long as I feel like playing it.
But the point of this is keep trying don't get discouraged it will come with time and practice.Concentrate on what you can do and have improved on and not what you can't do.

Cliff Notes
1.)Beginer guitar player
2.)Thought some things were impossible
3.)Got teacher kept practicing
4.)Now doing things thought I would never be able to do
5.)Keep at it don't get discouraged it will come with time and practice.
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good story though
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Even when I'm 60 or 70, I just wanna be one of those old guys with a beer, beard, long hair and playing the ol' acoustic guitar out in my garden, thats the way to live!
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Even when I'm 60 or 70, I just wanna be one of those old guys with a beer, beard, long hair and playing the ol' acoustic guitar out in my garden, thats the way to live!

Nah, what you should do, is be the old guy with a beer, beard, long hair, playing a shiny new electric through a massive amp!
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This story brought a tear to my eye. But in a good way.

This story is very inspirational! Any of you young'ins reading, take notes from this man for he is wise.

And Chiller2, I wouldn't be surprised if you indeed became a great guitarist, especially because you have the heart of a person who is passionate about something he believes in, regardless of the circumstances. Don't underestimate yourself!

I don't even have to see/hear what you can currently play, but I already know from reading your story that you probably have more actual potential at 40, than some 13 year old kid who did nothing but learn how to sweep pick to show off.

Hats off to you sir, rock on.

Very true.

I myself started out recently with not much dedication simply because I wasn't getting anywhere and being able to play my favorite songs. After a week of simply doing scales and learning to play "Hanging By A Moment" for my girlfriend's birthday, and two/three accomplished riffs later, I feel much better and I'm completely motivated.

Stick to one thing and focus. Playing "Brain Stew" and "Come As You Are" if you have no interest for that band/song will get you nowhere. Find something that is in your learning range that you like and stick to it; as long as you practice [frustration and anxiety-free], results will come.
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good story though

Yes, very good story.

To the T.S Thankyou, maybe some people will listen to you and figure out there is NO quick alternative to practice and patience!
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As a 40 year old myself, I take a lot inspiration from Les Paul.


He's in his 90's and still playing shows. My skills increased ten fold after I got an instructor, but after you get the basics down, it really is a function of how often YOU practice. That was the reason I quit lessons and ultimately guitar 12 years back, was I didn't have the time to practice the lessons my instructor gave me. That also meant I didn't have the time to practice guitar at all. But I've rededicated myself to the craft and have been going strong for a year. There's no quitting this time.