Hey everyone,

I've been playing a little over a year and am wanting to clean up my tone a little.

I like the kinds of tone bands like Queen, The Darkness, and guy like Gary Moore have. It's that really high attack sorta fuzz (I guess). For an example of what I'm on about listen to Parisienne Walkways by Gary Moore or the solo of I Love you 5 Times by The Darkness.

Even Alex Lifeson's tone is comparable and something I'd desire.

I personally am playing through a Fender Performer 1000 (no desire to upgrade anytime in the near future) and an Epi LP Standard (totally open to pickup suggestions; I'm partial to Dimarzio)

Thanks for any insight guys!
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It's that really high attack sorta fuzz (I guess).

I think what you are looking for is an overdriven tube amp.
yup....tube amp, cranked.
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Vox AC30 + Treble booster + cranked = Brian May and Darkness Tones

I'd go for a Marsall for The Darkness and a Gary Moore sound.

And maybe get a Tube Screamer...
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If you have a desire for those tones then you'd best get yourself a desire to upgrade your amp sharpish

Pedals aren't going to solve the problem, pickups even less so. There's no fuzz at all with those artists, they have pretty straight-up tones - guitar into cranked tube amp with a a bit of EQ'ing and a little extra boost.
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Thanks for everyone who posted.

Alright then; I suppose the verdict is that I need to begin with a new amp. Since I'm playing at home in my bedroom I don't really need a 50W tube amp. Is there anything in the 5W range like the Blackheart that would put me on the right kinda track?