well here's my story.

my parent's friends ( theres alot of them) just gave me 1000 USD, because i gues they were glad to see me. i see them once every 3 years so dont htink this is a common thing. i'm getting a traynor ycs50 for sure, but i've got a delima. i bought a morley bad horsie about 3 weeks ago, a spider 2 (dont flame. i had never heard of these forums before i sold my soul to the devil by buying one of these), and a new ibanez all in a span of around 2 months. my parents think i'm spending too much money on music instruments, and i beg to differ. how should i tell them i need this amp? as i really want to upgrade to tube now? they have no idea of the difference. i want them to know this is a long term thing, but thats what i told them about the spider...
just go get it.

then sell off the other crap
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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lol i just bought that thing.... and i got ripped off for it too...
its a 120 watter spider 2. how much do u think it'd go for?
If it was my parents? I'd tell them I was putting a band together so I needed a louder amp for gigs.
oh yes they will.. lol but thanks.
yeah and i'm in a band... but that could help. cause the spider sounds like crap when its up high. and we're playing in like this club house maybe pretty often starting in a few weeks. that could help. thanks

i also think you were adopted and they were your real parents.

on topic: getting into a band seems to be the best idea.
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Don't tell them about it. Buy the Traynor. Put it where your Line 6 was. Hide the Line 6 until you can sell it. They'll never know.

That was a good laugh there, buddy.