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Is john Mayer the next blues icon for this generation?

the rolling stone have had articles on him asking if hes the next guitar godof this generation. And no one seems to realise how unique and creative his guitar playing is, especially his blues. He's becoming a stand out guitarist of his time and he can only get better.
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Hello, the John Mayer topic is the most popular artist thread in the Blues and Jazz Forum.

For the record, he is a good guitarist, but a terrible vocalist, and his songs are almost interchangeable at times for me.

In my book, if he didn't play blues standards, he would have no respect from me.
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Sigh the only thing he can close to blues was TRY!
Room for squares, continuum, heavier things, are they really blues?
Sure some of his songs get the feel of it, but it just doesnt match the same traditional blues, ie BB king.
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i really like him, his live blues playing is amazing but he does seem to rip of SRV a bit
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