ive been playing guitar a while now, ive got a fender mex strat and a gibson les paul studio. i want a semi-hollowbody guitar, but im torn between an epiphone dot and an epiphone sheraton II. opinions?
umm well ive played the dot there ok but i prefer the studio if it helps, nice sound than the normal dot but dont know about the sheraton, have a look at the ibanez range of hollow bodies there alot nicer
personaly i would and did opt for the DOT but mine is the studio version, it plays well and iv tried the regular dots as well, also sounding amazing.
the sheraton i couldnt comment on as i have not played one sorry
You should go and try them both, and then see what YOU think of them. What ones person likes another may not.
The Sheraton has a much better feel and a fatter sound than the Dot. It's also a bit heavier, so keep that in mind. I would say that it's on par with, say, a mid range Gretsch as far as quality.

Another reason why I prefer the Sheraton is because it has neck binding, which for me has a better feel than an unbound neck.

Also look into the Ibanez Artcore Series. Very high quality guitars. My AXD82P is an all mahogany beast of a guitar, about the size of a Les Paul.